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Mineral Resources International , Inc. (MRI) - Concentrated Mineral Drops

A marriage of nature and science, Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops (Family Reserve) is the authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, Great-Salt-Lake-sourced, full-spectrum mineral complex made with love and care by the Hartley Anderson family. Anderson's CMD (Family Reserve) is the most premium and lowest sodium of MRI's all-natural mineral concentrates.

This product is carefully crafted through a traditional, all-natural, solar-concentration process that does not use any artificial ingredients, artificial drying processes, or minerals sourced from facilities other than those controlled by the Anderson family. GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), Kosher Certified, Halal Certification (Potentially Available Upon Request), Vegan, Vegetarian, GMO-, Gluten-Free, Passes the U.S. FCC's heavy metals safety test.

Over one million customers across India have already purchased MRI’s iconic product MRI CMD to take step towards better health and have experienced amazing results.

With effect from 01 January, 2011 exclusive distributorship for MRI was switched to Itspossible marketing Ltd. Along with that switch, MRI also decided to change the name from MRI CMD to Anderson’s CMD with an assurance that Anderson’s CMD Family reserve is MRI’s highest concentrated mineral concentrate. MRI CMD is now changed to Anderson’s CMD offering same authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, full spectrum mineral complex made by MRI and is most premium and lowest sodium mineral concentrate offered by MRI. Anderson’s CMD goes through a 2-year evaporation process and has the highest standards in the industry. The Anderson’s CMD is the same concentrated high-quality product that has been sold in India for the past six years by MRI through its distributors as MRI CMD.
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FAQs about Anderson’s CMD

Where is it manufactured? 

concentrated mineral drops, anderson’s cmd, best mineral supplement in delhi ncr, minerals supplement in delhi ncr, health supplements in delhi ncr, cmd, mfa india, mfadirect
Anderson’s CMD is sourced from The Great Salt Lake of Utah, USA by Mineral Resources International (MRI), the original producer of food grade trace minerals and elements since 1969. In India Itspossible Marketing Ltd is the exclusive distributor of MRI.

You can take a virtual tour of Northshore Limited Partnership, MRI’sexclusive supplier of solar-evaporated, food-grade minerals, and Mineral Resources International using satellite photographs, which capture our facilities from the air with surprising detail. The following coordinates can be used to locate MRI’s facilities using global map software. offers a free download available that is very good for this purpose. Other sites that provide similar imagery can be found by conducting an online search using the key words “Satellite Images”.

The map coordinates for Northshore and MRI are as follows:

North Shore’s Harvesting Operation: Latitude, 41°42’04” North and Longitude, 112°51’38” West MRI’s Manufacturing Facility: Latitude, 41°12’19” North and Longitude, 112°01’38” West

Please note that the coordinates listed above are specific points within each location and do not encompass the entirety of both operations. The satellite photos taken as of May 1, 2007 are recent, but are not live.
Why to choose Anderson’s CMD over other suppliers? 
When it comes to mineral supplements, anyone can claim the highest quality; only we can document it!
Do you know the source of the minerals you consume?

Do you know that many of Mineral Resources International, Inc.’s (MRI’s) competitors start with minerals from industrial sources, and even minerals packaged as agricultural fertilizers as the main ingredients that end up in mineral supplements for human consumption?

Below are eighteen extra steps that MRI takes that set Anderson’s Concentrated Mineral Drops™ (CMD) apart as food grade minerals safe for human consumption and ensures quality and customer safety.
Reason 1 Anderson's CMD™* is harvested from the extreme northern shores of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, which is the lake’s most pristine area. The Great Salt Lake has been studied as a self-purifying eco system, and is the world’s most pure source of liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals, all in the natural balance most compatible with human metabolism.
Reason 2 MRI’s harvesting ponds are monitored by round-the-clock security personnel and other security measures.
Reason 3 Anderson's CMD™ is fully tested and constantly monitored for all of the standards of our food-grade Certificate of Analysis specifications.
Reason 4 Anderson's CMD™ is subjected to extensive testing according to US Environmental Protection Agency standards to ensure the absence of any possible environmental, industrial, or agricultural contamination.
Reason 5 Anderson's CMD™ is tested in house as well as by third parties for and passes the US Food Chemical Codex standard for heavy metal safety.
Reason 6 >MRI’s manufacturing operation as well as the harvesting ponds for ConcenSea ™are regularly inspected by government agencies, i.e. Utah State Department of Agriculture, which maintains local authority for FDA compliance, and to ensure adherence to food-level GMP standards.
Reason 7 MRI’s Anderson's CMD™ is produced using only natural solar evaporation and not through using artificial, external heat, which may alter the natural balance and affect the ionic nature of each element. Anderson's CMD™ is processed in an intensive, long, and slow process—typically a two-year endeavor—before minerals achieve the optimal concentration and balance that comprise Anderson's CMD™.
Reason 8 Many industrial grade companies add dyes to the salt brines in order to absorb more of the sun's heat and speed the drying process. In keeping with MRI’s philosophy of producing an all-natural product, MRI does not use any chemical additives in our evaporation and concentration process.
Reason 9 Anderson's CMD™ is stored and transported in MRI’s own 100% dedicated food grade tanks and bladders.
Reason 10 MRI’s storage and packaging facilities operate to current GMP standards, and MRI is presently working to adhere to the new FDA GMPs just passed this year, which are dietary supplement-level GMP standards.
Reason 11 MRI has a history of safety since 1969.
Reason 12 Over the years, MRI has commissioned studies in the US and multiple countries specifically on the unique balance of minerals found in Anderson's CMD™ to verify that Anderson's CMD™ is safe and effective in the short-term as well as long-term use. These studies include LD-50 tests, an Ames Assay, and a Mouse Lymphoma Assay.
Reason 13 Anderson's CMD™ is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certified, meaning that it has passed verification by a panel of third-party experts, recognized by the US FDA who agreed that Anderson's CMD™ harvested by MRI meets the standards to be so designated.
Reason 14 All MRI employees and all North Shore employees are trained in food-handling safety and are required to have valid Food Handler’s permits recognized by the State of Utah.
Reason 15 MRI uses only pest-control methods that are recognized as safe for food production areas.
Reason 16 Anderson's CMD™ is Kosher certified.
Reason 17 Anderson's CMD™ is Halal certified.
Reason 18 MRI’s manufacturing site is registered under the FDA’s Public Health and Bio-Terrorism Preparedness and Response Act.
*Anderson's CMD™, manufactured by MRI, designates proprietary seawater minerals, concentrated and desalinated (99% sodium removed) from Utah’s Great Salt Lake through solar evaporation. 100% pure. ConcenTrace® manufactured by MRI is the Trade name that Anderson's CMD™ has been sold under in Canada since 1992.

MRI is majority-owned and managed by the Anderson family, who first started to harvest and sell mineral and trace mineral products from Utah’s Great Salt Lake in 1969. North Shore Limited Partnership, MRI’s sole supplier of Great Salt Lake mineral ingredients, is also majority owned and managed by the Anderson family. The Anderson family and their employees have extensive experience as leaders in the dietary supplements industry, harvesting the highest quality food-grade minerals from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, manufacturing, labeling, and marketing dietary supplements, as well as dealing with government regulations and requirements around the world.
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  • My age is 55 years and I have been suffering from severe constipation, acidity and indigestion for the past 20 years. I started using Anderson's CMD in January and have started feeling the good effects immediately.
    Mrs Rajbeeri
  • I happen to visit my nephew's place in the month of March for some reason and was introduced to Anderson's CMD, I started using it with some apprehensions but found that it had given me amazing results for my problems including week sight.
    Mrs Rani
  • I am on regular medicine for my diseases and started using Andeson's CMD in February,11 and noticed unbelievable improvement in my health.
    Mrs Usha Sharma
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    MRI Visit,
    Vipin Kumar (Director & CEO) and Ashish Khetarpal (Director & CFO) visited MRI in last week of May, 2011 and had an opportunity to see and understand the whole operation of MRI in detail. They also had a chance to meet the executive team along with each and every team member of MRI. This visit also helped in understanding Northshore operations along with the harvesting process first hand.
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  • Date: 20-04-11
    MRI Letter to Consumer
    Mineral Resources International (MRI), Utah, USA clarifies the confusion between CMD and Anderson’s CMD. MRI CMD is now changed to Anderson’s CMD offering same authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, full spectrum mineral complex made by MRI and is most premium and lowest sodium mineral concentrate offered by MRI.
  • Date: 01-01-11
    Itspossible Marketing Ltd signs as new exclusive distributor for MRI in India
    Itspossible Market Ltd has signed as exclusive distributor for MRI in India with a new branding of their iconic brand MRI CMD as new and improved “Anderson’s CMD” that has already helped more than one million customers gain good health.
Why Anderson's CMD
Over one million customers across India have already purchased MRI's iconic product MRI CMD to take step towards better health and have experienced amazing results.
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Dr. Linus Pauling
Nobel Laureate
  "One could trace every disease and every ailment to a miniral deficiency"
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Bruce Anderson (President & CEO) and Mathew Anderson (Director of International Sales) from MRI, Vipin Kumar (Director & CEO) and Ashish Khetarpal(Director & CFO) from Itspossible joining hands to promote Anderson's CMD
From left to right Ashish Khetarpal, Vipin Kumar, Gaye Anderson (Co Founder, MRI), Bruce Anderson, Mathew Anderson and Marysa Anderson Cardwell (Manager- Human Resource/International Sales)
MRI products being sold at Smith & Edwards Store at Ogden, Utah
Mr Frank explaining the harvesting process in detail