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bottleA marriage of nature and science, MC 110-2/Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops (Family Reserve) is the authentic, all-natural, low-sodium, Great-Salt-Lake-sourced, full-spectrum mineral complex made with love and care by the Hartley Anderson family. MC 110-2/Anderson's CMD (Family Reserve) is the most premium and lowest sodium of MRI's all-natural mineral concentrates.

This product is carefully crafted through a traditional, all-natural, solar-concentration process that does not use any artificial ingredients, artificial drying processes, or minerals sourced from facilities other than those controlled by the Anderson family. The ingredients sourced from MRI to produce Anderson’s CMD is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), Kosher Certified, Halal Certification, Vegetarian, GMO-, Gluten-Free, Passes the U.S. FCC's heavy metals safety test.

Just to mention, over one million customers across India have already purchased MRI’s iconic product MRI CMD to take step towards better health and have experienced amazing results.

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We are Hiring

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