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1) Where is Anderson’s CMD manufactured?

Anderson’s CMD is manufactured in India by Itspossible Nutraceuticals Ltd at its GMP facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India with 100% ingredients from Mineral Resources International (MRI), Utah, USA. MRI has been sourcing its mineral complex from the Great Salt Lake of Utah since 1969 and has achieved expertise over a proprietary process of harvesting of Great salt Lake of Utah, USA in the past more than 45 years.

You can take a virtual tour of Northshore Limited Partnership, MRI’s exclusive supplier of solar-evaporated, food-grade minerals, and Mineral Resources International using satellite photographs, which capture our facilities from the air with surprising detail. The following coordinates can be used to locate MRI’s facilities using global map software. GoogleEarth.com offers a free download available that is very good for this purpose. Other sites that provide similar imagery can be found by conducting an online search using the key words “Satellite Images”.

The map coordinates for Northshore and MRI are as follows:
North Shore’s Harvesting Operation: Latitude, 41°42’04” North and Longitude, 112°51’38” West
MRI’s Manufacturing Facility: Latitude, 41°12’19” North and Longitude, 112°01’38” West

Please note that the coordinates listed above are specific points within each location and do not encompass the entirety of both operations. The satellite photos taken as of May 1, 2007 are recent, but are not live.

2) Why are minerals so important?

Minerals are vital for life, health, and well being. Minerals forge our skeletal structure; they help keep our hearts beating, muscles functioning, and help transmit messages throughout the central nervous system. Your body relies on a steady intake of minerals each day. If we don't receive the required amount of minerals, within a short time the body's stores are depleted (mineral deficiency state), we feel rundown, lethargic, and may become vulnerable to a wide crossover of mineral deficiency effects. Minerals work in synergy with other minerals (calcium teams with magnesium and trace elements) and vitamins to perform their respective biochemical and physiological functions in health.

3) What are ionic minerals?

Ions are particles (either an atom or group of atoms) that carry an electrical charge. Positively charged ions are called cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium) and negatively charged ions are referred to as anions (e.g., bicarbonate, chloride, phosphate). Every body process is dependant on ions. The fluids of the body are largely ionic solutions. The body uses the movement of ions through these fluids and across cell membranes as an integral part of many vital body processes.

There is a great deal of evidence that the healthy function of the body is based on electrical impulses. That is, our bodies use electrical impulse pathways, and electrolytes and ions are the conductors of these currents that keep everything running smoothly in the body. Ions provide the necessary charge of both positive and negative molecules that keep the electrical component of the human battery "charged" and working in top form.

Minerals that are absorbed in their ionic form are in true liquid solution and have either positive or negative charges. They also have unique properties that distinguish them from each other and allow them to freely take part in biochemical communication throughout the body. These communications help nutrients move to those areas of the body that are in most need of their help.

MRI's mineral supplements, in both liquid and tableted forms are naturally balanced electrolytes in soluble ionic form, which means they provide a range of essential nutrition and the ionic minerals easily dissociate or come apart in a watery environment, i.e., the stomach, and become positively and negatively charged and are thus able to assist the body in conducting electrical energy .

4) What makes your company and products unique? Why should I choose products made by MRI?

Our minerals supplier MRI was founded by the Hartley Anderson family—the original mineral harvesters and inventors of mineral supplements from Utah's Great Salt Lake. For more than 40 years, MRI family has innovated and led the way in providing pure, all-natural, full-spectrum, low-sodium mineral supplements (and ingredients) that offer superior quality and value. The Andersons first began selling their liquid mineral formulas in 1968. MRI's products are:

  • GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certified
  • 100% Natural. Handcrafted and made using only natural methods. MRI's minerals are free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, genetically engineered ingredients, etc.
  • Thoroughly tested for potency, purity, and safety by MRI and independent labs
  • Manufactured to strict cGMP standards. MRI (and the Anderson family mineral harvesting ponds) is inspected by the state of Utah Department of Agriculture (the regulatory agency charged with inspecting and approving dietary supplement manufacturers). MRI is cGMP-certified by NSF International

5) How did MRI family become involved in minerals from the Great Salt Lake?

The origin of the Anderson family group of companies goes back to the early 1960's when Hartley Anderson read a series of newspaper columns by Dr. George W. Crane stating that most modern diseases were mineral deficiency diseases, which could be prevented by consuming the broad spectrum of minerals found naturally in sea water.

Hartley learned that the Great Salt Lake, which was not far from where he lived, contained the same mineral content and balance advocated by Dr. Crane, but that it was more concentrated and pristine than sea water. In 1969 Hartley and Gaye, his wife, began selling their first product, Inland Sea Water™. Soon, the Andersons discovered a method for removing the sodium and launched the first ultra-concentrated, low-sodium mineral and trace element formula,(now known today as Anderson's Concentrated Mineral Drops™) which was followed by several other mineral-based formulas. Today, MRI is a privately held, family- owned and operated compan. Our family continues to harvest, manufacture, and distribute concentrated, nutritionally targeted mineral supplements. In addition, MRI provides its all-natural mineral concentrates as ingredients in beverages, foods, and other dietary supplements.

6) What else should I know about MRI as a company and its products?

For over forty years, the mission of the Anderson family has been and continues to be improving global well being through mineral nutrition.

MRI's minerals are unique and unlike any other mineral supplement found in the marketplace. Some may claim to be the same, but they don't come close to our quality. Mother Nature, the Anderson family, and MRI go to great lengths to concentrate, harvest, test, and manufacture their products. Val Anderson states, "It can take two years or more working with nature to concentrate and refine some of our mineral concentrates. We rely on the energetics of each season plus the combined conditions of the surrounding mountains and desert valley to shape our finished concentrates. Further, MRI conducts rigorous potency and purity testing both at its in house lab and independent labs."

Today, the Anderson family is integrally involved in the day to day operations of the business and now, members of the third generation of Andersons are becoming involved as well. Because of the family history, its ties to the industry, and the prominence of the family name in relation to our products, the Anderson family and MRI are dedicated and committed to providing the finest, all-nature, highest quality mineral supplements sourced and harvested from Utah's Great Salt Lake.

7) Are your minerals safe?

When taken as directed, our products are safe. Please refer to each product label for exact dosage recommendations as well as any pertinent information. In certain cases, consuming larger amounts or the recommended daily dose all at once may cause digestive upset or a temporary laxative effect. If this occurs, decrease the dosage. Spreading consumption throughout the day may also eliminate or reduce this side effect and improve the absorption of the minerals.

Individuals with kidney disease should not take magnesium supplements unless they are under the supervision of their physician. And, as always, if you are under the care of a physician or are currently taking prescription medications, you should consult with your doctor first before taking any dietary supplement(s).

MRI's minerals are Generally Recognized as Safe. Furthermore, each and every lot of our mineral concentrates are assayed for purity and potency. One of the most important tests we conduct here at MRI is to assay our minerals for heavy metals. Each and every lot of our minerals passes the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex heavy metals safety test."

8) Where can I buy your products?

We have set up extensive distribution channel to help you buy our products in your neighborhood. Please call us at +91 85888 46969 or email at info@mineralsforall.com to locate our distributor in your locality.

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